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Missa Mercuria

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Progressive Metal/Rock
Lyrical themes:
Nature, Fantasy, Stories
Last label:
Lion Music
Years active:
A heavy metal/rock opera project. All lyrics by D.C. Cooper. Music by G√ľnter Werno, Stephan Lill, Alex Beyrodt and Alfred Koffler.
Dennis Ward Bass (2001-?)
See also: Panorama, Place Vendome, Gus G. (live), D.C. Cooper, ex-Unisonic, Khymera, Magnum, ex-Bob Catley, ex-Dezperadoz, ex-Pink Cream 69, ex-Sunstorm, ex-Wicked Sensation, ex-First Signal, ex-Hearts on Fire
Andreas Lill Drums (2001-?)
See also: Vanden Plas, ex-Abydos, ex-Section A, ex-Exodus, ex-HeadCrash
Alex Beyrodt Guitars (2001-?)
See also: Level 10, Primal Fear, Silent Force, Mat Sinner, ex-The Sygnet, ex-Wild Axes, Voodoo Circle, ex-Jorn, ex-Sinner, ex-Princess
Stephan Lill Guitars (2001-?)
See also: Vanden Plas, Ian Parry (live), ex-Abydos, ex-Consortium Project (live), ex-Red Circuit
Alfred Koffler Guitars (2001-?)
See also: Pink Cream 69, D.C. Cooper
Günter Werno Keyboards (2001-?)
See also: Place Vendome, Vanden Plas, D.C. Cooper, ex-Sunstorm, ex-Angra (live), ex-Kamelot (live), ex-Consortium Project (live)
Andy Kuntz Vocals (Airgod) (2001-?)
See also: Vanden Plas, ex-Abydos, ex-Amaseffer, ex-Frontiers All Stars, ex-Lady Blush
Lori Williams Vocals (Earthgoddess) (2001-?)
D.C. Cooper Vocals (Firegod) (2001-?)
See also: Amaran's Plight, Royal Hunt, D.C. Cooper, ex-Silent Force
Isolde Gross Vocals (Mercuria) (2001-?)
David Readman Vocals (Narrator) (2001-?)
See also: Black Eye, David Readman, Pink Cream 69, Tank, ex-Delany, Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle, Immunity for the Masses, Natural Born Machine, Pendulum of Fortune, Room Experience, ex-Almanac, ex-Adagio, ex-Alander, ex-Demon's Eye, ex-SixMyth, ex-Splatterpunk
Sabine Edelsbacher Vocals (Watergoddess) (2001-?)
See also: Edenbridge, Voiciano, ex-Cascade
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