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Merda Mundi - Photo

Merda Mundi

Country of origin:
Mons, Hainaut
Formed in:
Raw Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Anti-religion, Hate
Current label:
Tanquam Aegri Somnia
Years active:
'Merda mundi' is latin for ''shit of the world''.
Déhà Everything (2006-present)
See also: Acathexis, COAG, Cult of Erinyes, Déhà, Drache, God Enslavement, Imber Luminis, Iniquitatem, Lykta, Maladie, Saturnian Tempel, Silver Knife, Slow, Sorta Magora, The Nest, The Penitent, Transcending Rites, We All Die (Laughing), Wolvennest, Wrath of the Nebula, Yhdarl, Ignifer, ex-Deviant Messiah, ex-Sources of I, ex-Ter Ziele, ex-Vaer, Aardling, Aurora Borealis, Coma., Detrvire, Lidden, Nadddir, ex-Clouds, ex-DunkelNacht, ex-God Eat God, ex-Ithilien, ex-K.F.R, ex-Lebenssucht, ex-Deos, ex-Absit Omen, ex-Alenda, ex-Anal Cuntrona, ex-AutoDestructionNeeded, ex-Eat Their Crusts, ex-GigaPenzor, ex-Jah El Camino, ex-Khel, ex-NØD
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