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Melting Flesh

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Humourous death and gore
Last label:
Years active:
Melting Flesh was formed by Christos Chatzikonstandinos and Mathias Öjermark (formerly known as The Thing) along with Fredrik Pihlström. They started writing in early 2004 and finished their first musical masterpiece "Songs For The Fisted" in 2006. Due to lack of time the finishing touches were never done and the album was delayed. In 2009, Slime finally took the time to finish the last details ...
Doctör Butcher Bass, Guitars, Drum programming, Keyboards, Kazoo (2004-2008)
See also: Glöd, ex-Ruins of Time, ex-Sauron, ex-Total Deäth, ex-Legacy, The Them, ex-Phidion, ex-Obrero, ex-Jomkka, ex-Kiev Kings, ex-Natthimlen
Onkel Molestor Guitars, Vocals (backing), Drum programming (2004-2008)
See also: Bloodbanner, Phidion, Sarcchjuss, Talion, ex-Obrero, ex-Lelldorin, ex-[NassoNosferatu], ex-Corpseflesh Entrails, ex-Deep Red, ex-Mulumba, ex-Nataz, ex-Profitmisär, ex-Solsken, ex-Swords of Destiny, ex-The Burning Broccoli
Slime Vocals, Guitars (2004-2008)
See also: Phidion, ex-Ruins of Time, ex-Sauron, ex-Total Deäth, ex-Legacy, Project: Aether, ex-Hostile Reaction, ex-Plague Divine, ex-Kiev Kings
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