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Country of origin:
Iceland / United States / France / Italy
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Terratur Possessions
Years active:
Logo by Pierre Perichaud.
D.G. Bass
See also: Misþyrming, Naðra, Skáphe, , ex-Abacination
Thorns Drums
See also: Blut aus Nord, Chaos Invocation, Cryptic Wanderings, Cultist, Darvaza, Deathrow, Enepsigos, Fides Inversa, Frostmoon Eclipse, Kult, Liber Null, Manetheren, Moloch, Shadows Ground, Tumulus Anmatus, Pure (live), Tundra (live), ex-In Extremo Spiritu, ex-Nocratai, ex-Acherontas, ex-Glorior Belli, ex-Handful of Hate, ex-Macabre Omen, ex-Satanic Supplicia, ex-Svlfvr, ex-Enthroned (live), ex-Hobbs Angel of Death (live), ex-The One (live), ex-Violentor (live), ex-11 as in Adversaries, ex-Entropic Degrade Behind Phylogeny
A.P. Guitars
See also: Ars Hmu, Chaos Moon, Entheogen, Gardsghastr, Guðveiki, Krieg, Ringarë, Skáphe, Adzalaan (live), ex-Esoterica, ex-Lithotome, ex-Troglodytic, ex-In Ruins (live), ex-Coffin, ex-Manetheren, ex-Benighted in Sodom (live), ex-Dagger Lust (live), ex-Heimnar (live), ex-Triumvir Foul (live)
H.V Lyngdal Guitars
See also: Guðveiki, Ljáin, Wormlust, ex-Wolfheart, ex-Pestuus, Afsprengi Satans, ex-Obscuring Veil, ex-Momentum, ex-Níðhöggur (live), ex-Myrk
Wrest Guitars (additional)
See also: Leviathan, ex-Lurker of Chalice, ex-Twilight, Devout, Missing, ex-Krieg, ex-Von Goat, ex-Wrekmeister Harmonies (live), ex-Hate Meditation, ex-GASM, ex-GiftHorse, ex-Home Brew
MkM Vocals
See also: Antaeus, Aosoth, ex-Tenebrare, Haceldama, ex-Temple of Baal, ex-Deviant, ex-Tragos Adein, ex-Garwall
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