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Man of the Hour

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Edinburgh, Scotland
Formed in:
Doom/Stoner Metal
Lyrical themes:
Comedy lyrics, Alcohol, Drugs, Battles
Last label:
No Face Records
Years active:
Soo C Diamond Bass
The Engine Drums, Vocals
See also: Anaxor, Lucifer's Corpus, ex-Torn Face, Flat Iron, Town Called Hell, ex-Gin Goblins
Matt Justice Guitars
See also: Anaxor, ex-The Exploited
Stevie Power Guitars
See also: Lucifer's Corpus, ex-Torn Face, ex-Flat Iron, ex-Town Called Hell
Tommy Concrete Vocals
See also: Psychotic Depression, Tommy Concrete, Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves, ex-Cosmic Juggernaut, ex-Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead, ex-Warp Spasm, ex-The Exploited, ex-Concrete Head, ex-Dog Muck, ex-Doomlord, ex-Flib Ginis Dead Chimps, ex-Shitball, ex-The Cyber Insaniac Surfers, ex-Underhill, ex-Zaceus Zinetti
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