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M.T. Fuji

Country of origin:
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Formed in:
Hard Rock
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Continental Records
Years active:
M.T. Fuji were a very short lived supergroup and side-project of Loudness featuring three members of Loudness as well as added members of other successful '80s Japanese heavy metal bands in its lineup including Misako Honjoh, freelance drummer Soul Toul, and Nobuo Yamada of Make-Up. In 1983 they released their only album Human Transport and following its release the project ceased to exist with ...
Mark Striker Bass (1983-1984)
See also: Loudness, ex-Ded Chaplin (live), Minoru Niihara (live), ex-Misako Honjoh, ex-Blood Circus, ex-Sexual, ex-Spaed
Brian Seoul Drums (1983-1984)
See also: ex-Ded Chaplin, ex-Atsushi Yokozeki
Dario De Parma Guitars (lead) (1983-1984)
See also: Akira Takasaki, Loudness, ex-Tuska20, Lazy, ex-Misako Honjoh, ex-Jasmine Sky, ex-Ji-Zo, ex-Rage (Jpn)
Martha Spielberg Keyboards (1983-1984)
See also: ex-Steffanie
Mick Josephine Wonder Vocals (additional) (1983-1984)
See also: Loudness, X.Y.Z.→A, ex-Ded Chaplin, ex-Sly, Minoru Niihara, 西寺実, ex-Earthshaker
Eve White Vocals (additional) (1983-1984)
See also: Misako Honjoh
Allan "Heaven" Kanzaki Vocals (lead) (1983-1984)
See also: Daida Laida, Nobuo Yamada, ex-Dr. Metal Factory, ex-Grand Prix, ex-Make-Up, ex-P.A.F, ex-Urugome
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