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Mên Scryfa

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Manchester, North West England
Formed in:
Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Ancestral Heritage, National Culture
Last label:
Small Doses
Years active:
The Mên Scryfa ("inscribed stone") is a granite pillar located in Cornwall, England, carrying the inscription rialobrani cunovali fili ("Royal raven glorious prince").
Simon Lucas Drums, Vocals, Backing vocals
See also: Spectral Apparition, Winterfylleth, ex-Atavist, ex-Ashes, ex-The Seventh Cross, ex-The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg
Chris Naughton Guitars, Bass, Feedback, Backing vocals
See also: Atavist, Hammer of the Gods, Nine Covens, Winterfylleth, ex-Megatron, Cloaca, ex-Ashes
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