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Lost Century

Country of origin:
Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed in:
Progressive Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Reality, Life and Death, Fate
Last label:
T&T Records
Years active:
Additional Discography:
- "The Truth Beyond" (December 1991)
Rudi Görg Bass (1990-1996)
See also: 21st Century Killing Machine, Raging Rob, ex-Human Bastard, ex-Zyklon X, ex-Complex Fiction
Jason Kubke Drums (1990-1996)
See also: Purge, ex-Zyklon X, ex-21st Century Killing Machine, ex-Assassin, ex-Ronsdorfer 77
Martin Bayer Guitars (1990-1996)
See also: ex-Zyklon X, 4Promille, ex-Purge, ex-Ronsdorfer 77
Jens Schäfer Guitars (1990-1996)
See also: Driven by Impact, ex-Thought Sphere, ex-Moment of Detonation
Andreas Lohse Vocals (1990-1996)
See also: Moment of Detonation, ex-Apostasy, ex-Forklift, ex-Inner Garden, ex-Thought Sphere, ex-Forces at Work
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