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Look Out

Country of origin:
United States
Seattle, Washington
Changed name
Formed in:
Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
1983-?, ?-1987 (as Seventh Force)
Compilation appearance(s):
- "Burning Steel" on Pacific Metal Project (Restless/C.O.M.A., 1985)

Not to be confused with Lookout (hard rock/metal from Elma, Washington; released a 3-song demo tape in 1991).
Joe Lartz Bass
See also: ex-Seventh Force
Steve Hawn Drums
See also: ex-Seventh Force, ex-Masquerade
Benjamin Clark Guitars
See also: ex-Seventh Force
Robert Lartz Guitars (lead)
See also: ex-Seventh Force
James "Jammer" Gifford Vocals
(R.I.P. 2011) See also: ex-Seventh Force, ex-Ryder
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