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Life Is Pain

Country of origin:
Olomouc (Czech Republic) / Jönköping (Sweden)
Formed in:
Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Melancholy, Pain, Depression, Sorrow
Last label:
Supremacy of Nature
Years active:
Life Is Pain formed in 2006, put out a demo CD titled Bloody Melancholy and broke up all in that year.

The reason being is that Kim Carlsson wanted to focus harder on Lifelover.
Trist All instruments, Lyrics (2006)
See also: ex-Funeral of My Soul, ex-Trist, ex-Deep-pression, ex-Hyperborean Desire, ex-Lingam, ex-Zahrady Ticha
Kim Carlsson Vocals (2006)
See also: Hypothermia, Kall, ex-Isolationist, ex-Kyla, ex-Lifelover, Aardling, Consider Suicide, Horns Emerging, Nothing but Nothingness, ex-Black Hate (live), ex-Psychonaut 4 (live), ex-Svarti Loghin (live), ex-Trist (live), ex-Ritualmord
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