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Lethal Curse

Country of origin:
São Paulo, São Paulo
Changed name
Formed in:
Death/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Dark fantasies/horror inspired by Clive Barker
Last label:
Cogumelo Records
Years active:
1992-2003, 2003-2013 (as Of the Archaengel)
Compilation appearances:
- "Infamous Creation" on The Winds of a New Millennium #1 compilation (Demise Productions, 1995).
- "Rotting" and "Screeches From the Silence" (medley) on the Tribute to Sarcofago (Cogumelo Records, 2001)
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Added on: 2002-08-29 17:20:15 Last modified on: 2018-06-06 20:52:59