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Lethal Conception

Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
Formed in:
Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Destruction, Psychodelia, Religion, Chaos, Tragedy, Insanity, Death, Society
Last label:
Underground Express
Years active:
Compilation appearance:
- "Unforgotten Tragedies / Storms of Terminal Annihilation" on Convicted to the Avant Garde (Underground Express, 1989)
(This version is a rough mix of the song that would later be finished and appears on their 1988 Demo.)

Additional discography:
Rehearsal Demo - Recorded live in rehearsal on April 20th, 1988. Includes the 9-minute song "Lethal Conception".

Sam "Sinner" Lopiccolo Bass
See also: Synastryche, ex-Asphalt, ex-False Hope, 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack, DuValby Brothers, ex-Destructor, ex-Blood of Christ, ex-Backslider, ex-Knifedance, ex-Olfactory
Chris Stolle Drums
See also: ex-Diabolicus, ex-Somnus, ex-Existence, ex-Black Death Resurrected, ex-Dark Arena, ex-Possessed, ex-Thanatopsis, ex-The Cauterized (live), ex-Iron Messiah
Dave Couch Vocals, Guitars
See also: Mudslinger, Thanatopsis, ex-Existence, ex-Possessed
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