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Country of origin:
United States
Albany, New York
Changed name
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
1983 (as Blitzkrieg), 1983 (as Blade), 1983-1985, 1985-1987 (as Blind Legion)
Released many other demos and live tapes, all of which were for sale at the time via mailorder.

Re-released Nice Guys Finish Last on cassette as Blind Legion.

Not to be confused with:
  • Legion, a heavy metal band from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Legion, a brutal death metal band from Muncie, Indiana
  • Legion, a black metal band from Park Falls, Wisconsin
  • Legion, a heavy metal/hard rock band from New
  • ...
    Vince Augustine Bass (1983-1985)
    See also: ex-Blind Legion, ex-Lost Breed, ex-The Vengeance Brothers
    John Rapp Drums (1983-1985)
    See also: Cardiac Noose, ex-Blind Legion, ex-Lost Breed, ex-Black Juju (USA)
    Hugh Yerburgh Guitars (1983-1985)
    See also: ex-Blind Legion
    Eric Baestlein Guitars (1983-1985)
    See also: Blackjack Blades, Cardiac Noose, ex-Blind Legion, ex-Lost Breed, Ike's Wasted World, ex-Black Juju (USA), ex-The Vengeance Brothers
    Gary Tocco Vocals (1983-1985)
    See also: ex-Blind Legion, ex-Lost Breed, ex-Aleister, ex-Prophecy
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