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King Fire Goat

Country of origin:
United States
Formed in:
Sludge Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Shifty Records
Years active:
One-off all-star sludge / noise project.
Bahb Branca Bass
See also: Accept Death, Fistula, Maggotbreath, King Travolta, Son of Jor-El, ex-Ultralord, ex-Necrodamus, ex-Morbid Wizard, ex-Rue
Corey Bing Drums
See also: Accept Death, Ancient Sickness, Fistula, Maggotbreath, Morbid Wizard, Scumchrist, The Disease Concept, King Travolta, Son of Jor-El, ex-Sollubi, ex-Ultralord, ex-Necrodamus, ex-Hemdale, ex-Rue, ex-Blackwell, ex-Jerkhammer
Jeremy Wilson Drums
See also: ex-Fistula, ex-Bruhaha
Ryon Davis Guitars
Steve Barcus Vocals
See also: ex-Necrodamus, ex-Fistula
Mike Duncan Vocals (Noise)
See also: Morbid Wizard, Sludgethrone, Black Mayonnaise, ex-Fistula, ex-Deep Heavy Space, ex-Lummox, ex-Order of Black Vision, ex-Season of Discontent, ex-Surrounded by Unlit Energies
B.D. Neaville Vocals (Noise)
See also: ex-Consumption of Feces, ex-Dahmer, ex-Poultry Death, ex-Contamination Diet, ex-Scarver's Calling, ex-Season of Discontent
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