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Kimmo Kuusniemi Band - Photo

Kimmo Kuusniemi Band

Country of origin:
Helsinki, Uusimaa
Changed name
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
JP Musiikki Oy
Years active:
1977-1982 (as Sarcofagus), 1982, 2000-2020 (as Sarcofagus)
Due to problems with the label (they refused to release anything with the band name on it), Sarcofagus had to change their name to Kimmo Kuusniemi Band. The project was ended soon after the release of one album, due to disappointing sales and impact.

Compilation appearance(s):
- "Thought of the Statue" (as Motorbirds) on Raw Power Halloween (Raw Power, 1986, 2LP/cassette)
Juha Kiminki Bass
See also: ex-Exciter, ex-Sarcofagus
Urpo "Upi" Sorvali (R.I.P. 1989) Drums
Kimmo Kuusniemi Guitars
See also: ex-Exciter, ex-Sarcofagus, ex-Double Vision
Esa Kotilainen Keyboards
See also: ex-Sarcofagus, ex-Crazy World, ex-Karelia Group, ex-Tasavallan Presidentti
Kirka Babitzin Vocals
(R.I.P. 2007) See also: ex-Kirka, ex-The Creatures, ex-The Islanders
Muska Babitzin Vocals
See also: Muska, ex-Orfeus (Fin), ex-The Hot Dogs
Jukka Ritari Vocals
See also: ex-Sarcofagus
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