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Country of origin:
United States
New York, New York
Formed in:
Drone/Dark Ambient/Avant-garde Metal
Lyrical themes:
Chaos, Terror, Insanity, Void
Last label:
Hydra Head Records
Years active:
Khlyst (Хлыст or Хлист) means "whip" in Russian and Ukrainian.

Compilation appearance(s):
- "IV" on El Kano – Kneel Before Zod Remix album (Spannered, 2008)
Tim Wyskida Drums, Gong
See also: ex-Khanate, Blind Idiot God, James Plotkin/Tim Wyskida, Jodis, ex-Manbyrd
James Plotkin Guitars, Programming
See also: ex-Khanate, ex-O.L.D., ex-Regurgitation, James Plotkin, James Plotkin/Tim Wyskida, Jodis, ex-Atomsmasher / Phantomsmasher, ex-Flux, ex-Hygiene, ex-James Plotkin & Brent Gutzeit, ex-James Plotkin & David Fenech, ex-James Plotkin & Jon Mueller, ex-James Plotkin & Mark Spybey, ex-James Plotkin & Mick Harris, ex-James Plotkin & Paal Nilssen-Love, ex-Jupiter Crew, ex-KK Null / James Plotkin, ex-Lotus Eaters, ex-Namanax, ex-Romance, ex-Shadowcast, ex-Solarus, ex-The Body Lovers / The Body Haters, ex-The Joy of Disease, ex-The Trifid Project, ex-Death Ambient (live), ex-Scorn (live)
Runhild Gammelsæter Vocals, Lyrics
See also: ex-Thorr's Hammer, Runhild Gammelsæter, ex-Sunn O))) (live)
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