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Country of origin:
United States
Portland, Oregon / New York, New York / Oakland/Pacifica, California
Formed in:
Atmospheric/Progressive Post-Metal
Lyrical themes:
Modern man's life, Uncertainty, Anti-Capitalism, Natural disasters
Last label:
Prophecy Productions
Years active:
Created from the ashes of Agalloch.

From left to right in the picture: Don Anderson, Jason William Walton, Aaron Gregory, Aesop Dekker.
Photo by Cody Keto.
Jason William Walton Bass (2016-2019)
See also: Celestiial, Sculptured, ex-Agalloch, ex-Nothing, ex-V.B.G., Dolven, F-Space, Hiraeth Eschar, JWW (Jason W. Walton), Poisoning Wave, Sleepchains, Snares of Sixes, ex-Subterranean Masquerade, ex-Cold Colours (live), ex-Circadian, ex-Climb to Zalem, ex-Deathcollector, ex-Designed 2 Fade, ex-Especially Likely Sloth, ex-Hollow Branches, ex-Indelible, ex-Remember, ex-Self Spiller, ex-Sussurrus Inanis
Aesop Dekker Drums (2016-2019)
See also: Bloody Fortress, Ludicra, Vhol, ex-Agalloch, ex-Extremity, Coffin Party, Onson Sweeney, Worm Ouroboros, ex-Grinch, ex-Hickey, ex-Miami, ex-The Fuckboyz, ex-Yogurt
Don Anderson Guitars (2016-2019)
See also: Sculptured, ex-Agalloch, ex-Necropolis, Don Anderson, Snares of Sixes, ex-Nothing, ex-Landfill (live), ex-Self Spiller, ex-Sol Invictus (live)
Aaron John Gregory Guitars, Vocals (2016-2019)
See also: Squalus, Giant Squid, Ice Plants, ex-Cartilage
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