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Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
Formed in:
Progressive Stoner/Sludge Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Hydra Head Records
Years active:
Aaron Dallison is one of the ex-guitarists/vocalists for Escalation Anger. He also played guitar in a Cleveland Hardcore band called Ringworm in 2004. He currently also plays guitar in 2 other Cleveland area bands named Abdullah and State Of Conviction.
Chris Smith used to play guitar in Cleveland Hardcore band Intergrity in the mid 1990's and he currently also plays guitar in a band ...
Aaron Dallison Bass, Vocals
See also: Axioma, ex-Escalation Anger, The Not So Good Ol' Boys, ex-Ringworm, ex-Holy Ghost, ex-Abdullah, ex-State of Conviction, ex-We Live By Night
Will Scharf Drums
See also: Craw, ex-Meatjack, ex-Sleazy Jesus and the Splatter Pigs
Dana Embrose Guitars
See also: Groin, La Gritona, Suicide King, ex-False Hope
Chris Smith Guitars, Vocals
See also: Terminal Lovers, ex-Asphalt, ex-False Hope, ex-Integrity, ex-Ringworm, ex-Sloth, ex-Backslider, ex-Chemically Retarded, ex-Groin, ex-Knifedance, ex-Mammoth, ex-Smear the Queer, ex-The Inmates
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