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Jill's Project

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Heavy Metal, Shred
Lyrical themes:
TV games background music cover, Melty Blood
Current label:
Kappa Records
Years active:
Japanese name: ジルズ・プロジェクト
Katsumi "Ani-Katsu" Seki Bass
See also: ex-Jerusalem, ex-Altemis, ex-Wolf, ex-Rattlesnake
Taku Izuhara Drums
See also: ex-Hurry Scuary, ex-Sleazy Wizard, ex-Naked Machine, ex-Presence, ex-Cry (Jpn), ex-Rattlesnake
Yuji Adachi Guitars
See also: Dead End, ex-Goatcore, You, ex-Jesus, ex-Terra Rosa, ex-Cry (Jpn), ex-You Adachi
Takeshi Inoue Guitars
See also: Galactica Phantom, ex-Sleazy Wizard, Takeshi Inoue
Masanori "Burny" Kusakabe Guitars
See also: Asian Black, Burny Project, ex-Sniper, Grasias
Taiji Fujimoto Guitars
See also: ex-Dancer, ex-Dirty Trashroad, ex-Groove Master, ex-T.F.G, ex-Taiji Fujimoto & Friends
Hiromi Suzuki Guitars
See also: Kruberablinka, ex-Terra Rosa, ex-Muthas Pride (live), ex-Jerusalem, ex-Precious, ex-Bad Loser (live), ex-Cleopatra, ex-Dock of the Bay, ex-King's Road, ex-Super Hiro, ex-Suzuki Hiromi's Blue Symphony, ex-Voots
Masashi "Jill" Okagaki Keyboards, Organ
See also: Terra Rosa, ex-Sleazy Wizard, ex-Burny Project, ex-Precious, ex-X-Ray, ex-魚雷
Youichi Shigami Vocals
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