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Jagar Tharn

Country of origin:
Kraków, Poland / Moscow, Russia
Formed in:
Darkwave/Ambient, Epic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
The Elder Scrolls series
Current label:
Years active:
1998-2007, 2010-present
Additional discography:
"Before Abyss Into Oblivion" (2016)

Jagar Tharn is a character from The Elder Scrolls.
Lord Mannimarco All instruments
See also: Drachenorden, Lovidalf VI, ex-King Kelkemmenar, Beatus vir, Caladrius Bird, Chaitivel, Einargoroth, Ekkehardus, Fornesbury Tales, Humphrey's Clock, Ironhelms, Joueur D'épée, King Ranemmak, Lanval, Lovidalf Ranemmak VI, Lovidalf VI le Gros, Magna Ge, Minnesang, Mordschlaght, Salwmme, Sing Vlar, Sir Fior Furlan, The Proggs, The Sons of Aktrot, Thibaut VI de Lovidois Trouveres, Vogt Castellar, Von Neifen, Witenagemot, ex-Antiochiae, ex-Elfiria, ex-Erba Ecclesiastes Filii, ex-Procel and Raum
Jagar Tharn All instruments
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