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Country of origin:
Formed in:
Death/Black Metal (early); Folk Black Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:
Anti-Christianity, Darkness, Death, Norwegian folklore
Last label:
Moonfog Productions
Years active:
1986-1989 (as Pilgrim Sands), 1989-1995
Before becoming Isengard, the project was called Pilgrim Sands and focused on doom metal. The two projects did however run in tandem for some time in 1989 (the only recorded Pilgrim Sands track, "The Light," was recorded after "Spectres over Gorgoroth").

The name Isengard comes from the book The Lord of the Rings. Isengard's logo was taken from the Lord of the Rings "Middle-earth Role Playing" ...
Fenriz Everything (1989-1995)
See also: Darkthrone, Valhall, ex-Fenriz' Red Planet, ex-Fuck You All, ex-Neptune Towers, ex-Regress FF, ex-Storm, ex-Black Death, ex-Dødheimsgard, ex-Dass & Flass, ex-Eibon, ex-Pilgrim Sands, ex-Reitgjerde Pasientband, and the Heavy Ripping Fyrstikk
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