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Intestinal Infestation - Photo

Intestinal Infestation

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Formed in:
Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
According to Mick Harris, the band was a short lived side project from Napalm Death & Unseen Terror.
Shane Embury Bass
See also: Absolute Power, Bent Sea, Born to Murder the World, Brujeria, Hicks Kinison, Insidious Disease, Lock Up, Menace, Napalm Death, Tronos, Venomous Concept, War of the Second Dragon, ex-Antichrist, ex-Azagthoth, ex-Meathook Seed, ex-Unseen Terror, ex-Warhammer, Blood from the Soul, Dark Sky Burial, Little Giant Drug, Visceral Collapse, ex-Liquid Graveyard, ex-Anaal Nathrakh (live), ex-Drop Dead, ex-Malformed Earthborn
Mick Harris Drums
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Mitch Dickinson Vocals, Guitars
See also: ex-Antichrist, ex-Unseen Terror, ex-Warhammer, ex-Napalm Death (live), ex-Sacrilege, ex-Heresy
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