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Inner Threshold

Country of origin:
United States
San Francisco, California
Changed name
Formed in:
Heavy/Groove Metal
Lyrical themes:
Social and Political Issues
Last label:
Years active:
1994-?, 1995-1999 (as Under)
After Steev and Matt had left Defiance, and Jim had returned, Defiance hooked up with Heathen's Dave White (vocals) and Hugo Barrentos (drums). The band did all new material and did not sound at all like Defiance. They decided to rename the band Inner Threshold, recording a demo and soon changing its name to Under.

Contact : (Jim Adams)
Mike Kaufmann Bass
See also: ex-Defiance, ex-Under
Hugo Barrentos Drums
See also: ex-Under
Doug Harrington Guitars
(R.I.P. 2006) See also: ex-Under, ex-Defiance, ex-Gallery of Suicide
Jim Adams Guitars
See also: Severed Fifth, ex-Defiance, ex-S.O.S.A., ex-Altar of the King, ex-Indica, ex-Attrition
David White Vocals
See also: Heathen, ex-Blind Illusion, ex-Defiance, ex-Laughing Dead
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