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Infestation - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Billerica, Massachusetts
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Sorrow, Loss
Last label:
Sludge Productions
Years active:
Compilation appearance(s):
- "Conceived" on Mortality Rate Vol. 2 (Wizard, 1995, cassette)

Not to be confused with:
Infestation (Death Metal from Merced, California)
Infestation (Death Metal from Niagara Falls, New York)
Infestation (Death Metal/Grindcore from Yonkers, New York)
Infestation (Death/Thrash Metal from Millwaukee, Wisconsin)
Mark Brophy Bass, Vocals
See also: ex-Skeletal Onslaught
Mike Hubbard Drums
See also: Warhorse, ex-Cheap Leather, ex-Gozu, ex-Mabbus
Matthew R. Raymond Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Skeletal Onslaught
Eric Berube (R.I.P. 2015) Guitars, Vocals
Mike DiSalvo Vocals
See also: Akurion, Conflux, ex-Skeletal Onslaught, Coma Cluster Void, ex-Cryptopsy, ex-Mabbus, ex-Mindscape
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