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Hybris - Photo


Country of origin:
United Kingdom
London, England
Formed in:
Progressive Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Daily Frustrations, Anger at Religions, Surfing, Cults
Last label:
Candlelight Records
Years active:
The band existed as a nameless solo project of Federica for many years, before the formation of this line-up.

Eventually christened by Dimitris, Federica explains the name thus: "There is a little bit of an anti-religious/against nature connotation to it, as it means arrogance against the gods, but it also means violations of the law, extreme pride and a lack of humility… I felt it applies to ...
Olivia Airey Bass (2010-?)
See also: Dungeon, Maggot Heart, Rat Salad (UK)
Dimitris Xekalakis Drums (2010-?)
See also: Scar Divine, ex-Centurions Ghost, ex-Manfected, The Ruckus Habit, ex-The Bleeding, ex-Verdict Denied
Federica Gialanze Guitars (2010-?)
See also: ex-Black Moth, ex-Centurions Ghost, Cougar, ex-Rat Salad (UK)
Achilles Hilmi Guitars (2010-?)
See also: ex-Stuka Squadron, ex-Abgott, ex-Animal Print, ex-Son Of Science, ex-Uncaused Creation
James "Fang" Begley Vocals (2010-?)
See also: ex-Stuka Squadron, ex-Ghoad (live), ex-Centurions Ghost, ex-Iron Knights
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