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Hjelvik - Photo


Country of origin:
Formed in:
Viking/Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Norse mythology
Current label:
Nuclear Blast
Years active:
Compilation appearances:
- "Glory of Hel" on Maximum Metal Vol. 259 (Metal Hammer, 2020)
- "Glory of Hel" on Le Sampler RockHard 215 (Rock Hard, 2020)
- "Helgrinda" on Lauschangriff Vol. 82 (Rock Hard, 2020)
- "Glory of Hel" on Metal Hammer 1/2021 (Metal Hammer, 2021)
Alexis Lieu Bass
See also: Doorsfall, F Stands for Fuck You, ex-Benighted
Kevin Foley Drums
See also: One Life All-In, ex-Abbath, ex-Benighted, ex-Disavowed, ex-Necrovile, ex-Deathawaits (live), ex-Decapitated (live), ex-Destinity (live), ex-Miserable Failure (live), ex-Nervecell (live), ex-Nightmare (live), ex-Nostromo (live), ex-Sabaton (live), ex-Sepultura (live), ex-Burning Skies, ex-Mumakil, ex-Arkhan (live), ex-Kronos (live), ex-Doorsfall, ex-F Stands for Fuck You, ex-White Card, ex-Black Bomb A (live), ex-Get the Shot (live), ex-Lofofora (live)
Remi Guitars
See also: Inculter, Vermin Rift
Rob Steinway Guitars
See also: Skelator, ex-Inquinok, ex-Shaded Enmity, ex-Somnae (live), ex-Funeral Age, ex-Evangelist, ex-Fallen Angels, ex-In Memorium
Erlend Hjelvik Vocals
See also: ex-Djevel, ex-Kvelertak
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