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Hellvetika - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Portland, Oregon
Formed in:
Sludge Metal
Current label:
Years active:
The redux series is a series of sludge/doom metal reduxes of mainstream non-metal and metal songs. The instrumental versions of the redux series are released under the band name Akit Evlleh as the redux 2.0 series.

The three EPs Complexity, Responsibility, and Simplicity contain exclusively original material.
Aaron D.C. Edge Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
See also: Bible Black Tyrant, Canyon of the Crescent Moon, Dakessian, Phemüt, Ramprasad, The Burden and the Blessing, The Lumbar Endeavor, Yama-Uba, ex-Grievous, ex-Hellephant, ex-Roareth, ex-Mouth of Maggots, ex-Peril on the Sea, Akit Evlleh, Genuine, Lighthaus, ex-Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, ex-Himsa, ex-Hauler, ex-Iamthethorn, ex-2 Men Dead, ex-Alternate Society, ex-Anonymous, ex-Aurora, ex-Autumn, ex-Backside Disaster, ex-BFN, ex-Blood Buddies, ex-Catalyst, ex-Christ, ex-Day of Lions, ex-Doomzig, ex-Dwell, ex-Eshas, ex-Flintlock, ex-Great Anti-Listen, ex-Grip, ex-Harkonen, ex-Izaguf, ex-Juxtafunk, ex-Les Gants, ex-Man of Multnomah, ex-Minor Fret, ex-Mountain of Teeth, ex-My Favorite Backpack, ex-Ohmega, ex-Potential Idol of Destruction, ex-Process Black, ex-Raw Umber, ex-Requin, ex-Rote Hexe, ex-Set of Standards, ex-Spoken Word, ex-Structure 24, ex-Swallowing Swords, ex-Swearengen, ex-The 6-Minute Heartstop, ex-The Entirety of Suffering, ex-The Harbor Island Mutiny, ex-The Horde, ex-The Red Sect, ex-They Shall Take Up Serpents, ex-Tricycle, ex-Tsuga, ex-West of Zero
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