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Heinous Killings

Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
Formed in:
Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Gore, Brutality, Sadism
Last label:
Years active:
Joe Wolfe, founder of the project, records and writes everything on albums but for shows only does vocals. Most of Regurgitation rounds out the live line-up.

Wolfe put the band on hiatus after Hung with Barbwire, then in the fall of 2008 reformed for a short period to rehearse for upcoming live appearances and releases. Sometime since early 2010 Heinous Killings has been on an indefinite ...
Steve Haas Guitars
See also: ex-Erotic Incisions, ex-Clean Flesh, ex-Funeral Pyre
Harold Burton Guitars
See also: ex-Decay, ex-Erotic Incisions
Joe Wolfe Vocals (2005-?)
See also: ex-Erotic Incisions, ex-Clean Flesh, Sick Hymns, ex-Necrotic Disgorgement
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