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Heavydeath - Photo


Country of origin:
Stockholm, Stockholm//Ljungskile, Västra Götaland
Changed name
Formed in:
Doom/Death Metal
Last label:
Aftermath Music
Years active:
2013-2019, 2019-present (as Den Tunga Döden)
Contact: [email protected]

Under the new band name Den Tunga Döden, a full-length was recorded in 2019/2020, but it remains yet unreleased.

Compilation appearance(s):
- "The Stone Speaks at Winter" on Doomed & Stoned in Sweden (Doomed & Stoned Records, digital, June 2018)
Johan Bäckman Bass (2013-2019)
See also: Necrocurse, ex-Masticator, Den Tunga Döden, ex-Runemagick
Nicklas Rudolfsson Guitars, Vocals (2013-2019)
See also: Domedag, Gravfraktal, Runemagick, Saltas, The Funeral Orchestra, Unformulas, Necrocurse, ex-Bells of Doom, ex-Masticator, ex-Rapid Terrör, ex-Swordmaster, Den Tunga Döden, Utter Obscurity, ex-Sacramentum, ex-Deathwitch, ex-Varulv
Daniel Moilanen Drums (2014-2019)
See also: Katatonia, Runemagick, ex-Mnemonic, Den Tunga Döden, ex-Dracena, ex-Lord Belial, ex-Sandalinas, ex-The Project Hate MCMXCIX, ex-Bloodbath (live), ex-Grindnecks, ex-Relevant Few, ex-Notre Dame (live), ex-Engel, ex-Pen Expers
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