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Heavy Pettin'

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Glasgow, Scotland
Formed in:
NWOBHM, Hard Rock
Lyrical themes:
Love, Rock, Personal Issues
Current label:
Years active:
1981-1988, 2017-present
Heavy Pettin' was formed in Glasgow in mid-1981 when the band Weeper, comprised of guitarist Gordon Bonnar, bassist Brian Waugh and drummer Gary Moat, added vocalist Steve Hayman and lead guitarist Punky Mendoza to the line-up.

Heavy Pettin' will be reuniting for the 2017 WinterStorm festival, taking place November 24-25 in Scotland.

Compilation Appearances
- "In and Out of Love" on Metal ...
Brian Waugh Bass
Gary Moat Drums
See also: Burnt Out Wreck, Mother's Ruin
Punky Mendoza Guitars
Gordon Bonnar Guitars
See also: ex-Mother's Ruin
Steve "Hamie" Hayman Vocals
See also: ex-Chyld
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