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Country of origin:
Eindhoven, North Brabant
Formed in:
Lyrical themes:
Psychosis, Dementia, Mental Retardation, Society, Nonsense
Last label:
Grindfather Productions
Years active:
Contact: [email protected]

Compilation Appearances:
- "Really Fucked Up" on 100 Way Splatter Fetish 2 (Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures, 2009)
- "Vomitorium of Maggot Infested Cunts" on A Tribute to Gut (American Line/Alarma Records, 2003)

Many of the band's releases feature the photography of Roger Ballen, a US-born South African photographer.
Roel Crust All instruments (2001-2012)
See also: Ride with Death, Throw Me in the Crater, Utter, ex-Alien Possession, ex-Anal Penetration, ex-Suppository, ex-The Bitch in the Van, ex-Anatidaephobia, ex-Bird of HabibaH, ex-Blown to Bits, ex-Donkey Drone, ex-John Parkinson & The Shakers, ex-Kill2Chill, ex-Last Days of Humanity, ex-Liver Rebels, ex-LSD Mossel, ex-Mad Wankers, ex-Pancreatic Purulence, ex-Paralyzed Society, ex-Rompestromper, ex-The Incredible Cock
Luc Crust Vocals (2001-2012)
See also: ex-Maggots, ex-Suppository, F.U.B.A.R., ex-Leng Tch'e (live), ex-Bloodboil (live)
Martin Vocals (2004-2012)
See also: D-Compose, Matka Teresa, Paralyzed Society
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