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Hayaino Daisuki - Photo

Hayaino Daisuki

Country of origin:
United States
Hoboken, New Jersey
Formed in:
Thrash Metal/Grindcore
Last label:
Hydra Head Records
Years active:
The lineup given here is the actual one. The pictures of the supposed all-female members are a joke by the band, according to Jon Chang, because "[they were] always getting pressured to take band photos, so [they] took pictures of these girls instead."
Teddy Patterson III Bass (2006-?)
See also: Eternal Aggression, ex-Graven, ex-Gridlink, ex-Human Remains, ex-Burnt by the Sun, ex-NFY, ex-War Chalking
Eric Schnee Drums (2006-?)
See also: Organ Dealer, ex-Meth Leppard (live), ex-Paria, ex-The Binding, ex-Retortion Terror (live)
Takafumi Matsubara Guitars (2006-?)
See also: Formless Master, Takafumi Matsubara, ex-Congenital Hell, ex-Gridlink, ex-Mortalized, Retortion Terror, ex-Funeral Moth (live), ex-Floating in the Sweet Abyss, ex-Guilty Connector
Jon Chang Vocals (2006-?)
See also: ex-Discordance Axis, ex-Gridlink, ex-No One Knows What the Dead Think, ex-Sedition
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