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Country of origin:
United Kingdom
London, England
Formed in:
Death/Groove Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Years active:
2006-2010 (as Viscera), 2010-present
Federico Benini Bass (2010-present)
See also: Akercocke, Inebrious Incarnate, Putridity, Cerebral Bore, ex-Trifixion, ex-Centurian (live), ex-Viscera, ex-Unfathomable Ruination, ex-Indecent Excision (live), ex-Scordatura (live), ex-Ditchcreeper, ex-Eye of Solitude (live), ex-Gorebound, ex-Hades Lab, ex-Septic Tank (Gbr)
Ewan Ross Drums (2010-present)
See also: Anakim, Basement Torture Killings, Sentenced to Suffer, ex-Trifixion, ex-In Fire Baptised, ex-Zebadiah Crowe (live), ex-Black Skies Burn (live), ex-Abgott, ex-Eye of Solitude (live), ex-Viscera
Tom McCarthy Guitars (2010-present)
See also: ex-Viscera
Jamie Sweeney Guitars (2010-present)
See also: ex-Trifixion, ex-Irony of Christ, ex-Viscera, Septic Tank (Gbr), Vileape, ex-Annotations of an Autopsy, ex-Ditchcreeper, ex-Eye of Solitude (live), ex-Gorebound, ex-Hades Lab
Dave Axcell Vocals (2010-present)
See also: Sentenced to Suffer, ex-In Fire Baptised, ex-Viscera, Archaic Arcanum
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