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Country of origin:
United States
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
1992-1996, 2012-?
Not to be confused with Godspeed from Portland, Oregon

Toured Europe in 1994, with Black Sabbath and Cathedral. At the time, they were managed by Geezer Butler's wife, Gloria.

They also gained attention with an appearance on the Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity in Black, on which they teamed up with guest vocalist Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden to record a cover of the Black Sabbath ...
Chris Kosnik Bass
See also: Monster Magnet, The Atomic Bitchwax, ex-Black NASA
Rob Hultz Bass
See also: The Disease Concept, Trouble, Dizmal Daze, ex-Chrome Waves, ex-Solace, ex-Lethal Aggression, ex-Social Decay, ex-The Swill, ex-Dawn of the Iron Blade, ex-Robot Dicks
Tim Schoenleber Drums
See also: Solace, ex-Social Decay
Tommy Southard Guitars
See also: Solace, The Disease Concept, ex-Social Decay, ex-Sollubi, 3 Input Woman, ex-Freak Theater, ex-Gallery of Mites, ex-Prunella Scales, ex-Robot Dicks, ex-Slaprocket
David Blanche Vocals
See also: Eccentric Bohemians
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