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God's Army A.D.

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Society, Life, Politics
Current label:
Massacre Records
Years active:
2004-2007 (as God's Army), 2012-present
Originally called God's Army, the band was put on hold for several years when Mark Cross left after joining Firewind and John A.B.C. Smith was seriously injured in a car accident. They reformed in 2012, with the band name modified to God's Army A.D. for legal reasons.
Mark Cross Drums (2004-2006, 2012-present)
See also: Metal Machine, Rezident Ex, Tower of Babel, ex-The Supremacy, Tainted Nation, ex-At Vance, ex-Exorcism, ex-Firewind, ex-Helloween, ex-Nightfall, ex-Outloud, ex-Spitfire, ex-Tank, ex-Winters Bane, ex-Scorpions (live), ex-Metalium, ex-Electric Eye, ex-Magna Carta
Don Amiro Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2004-2007, 2012-present)
Ian O'Sullivan Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2004-2007, 2012-present)
See also: CarnĂșn Rising, Hallowed, Miscreant
John A.B.C. Smith Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards (2004-2007, 2012-present)
See also: Frank Blackfire, ex-Gallows Pole, ex-John A.B.C. Smith, ex-At Vance, ex-Hallowed, ex-Scanner
Eddie Van Dahl Guitars, Vocals (2017-present)
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