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Gnosis of the Witch

Country of origin:
United States
Changed name
Formed in:
Black Metal
Dark Thursian worship
Last label:
Iron Bonehead Productions
Years active:
2013-2015, 2015-present (as Veiled)
Gnosis is Greek for Wisdom or Knowledge.

Compilation appearances:
- "Nío blót við inn vomb um dauði" on No Remorse Records Compilation Vol II (No Remorse Records, digital, November 2013)
- "Osmar Eitr" on Zero Tolerance Audio 60 (Zero Tolerance Magazine, 2014)
- "Twilight Nocturne” on Jericho Vol.45 - Life Lost in Seclusion (2019)
Swartadauþaz Drums
See also: ex-Veiled
Niðafjöll Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Ambiance
See also: Monolithic, Swarming, Uada, Útgarðar, Veiled, ex-Cryptic Throne, ex-Vae Victis, Altars of the Moon, Gra, Hrafnagaldr, Oration of Ruin, Whispers of the Black Wulf, ex-Lifeless Dreams... Pale Illusions, ex-Secrets She Kept (live)
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