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Genius: A Rock Opera

Country of origin:
Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna
Formed in:
Melodic/Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes:
Conceptual storyline
Last label:
Frontiers Records
Years active:
Genius is a "rock opera" trilogy that includes a total of 33 songs (11 for each episode); and side-project of Empty Tremor's keyboard player Daniele Liverani (total duration is about 4 hours of music for 3 CDs).
Dario Ciccioni Drums (2002-2007)
See also: Empty Tremor, Empyrios, Twinspirits, Virtual Mind, ex-Opera, Khymera, Prime Suspect, ex-Daniele Liverani, ex-Centrica, ex-Concept of Main Art, ex-Hartmann
Daniele Liverani Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2002-2007)
See also: Cosmics, Daniele Liverani, Twinspirits, ex-Exarule, Khymera, Prime Suspect, ex-Empty Tremor
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