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Funerary Despair

Country of origin:
United States
Denver, Colorado/Georgia
Formed in:
Raw Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Fallow Field
Years active:
JM Bass, Drums
See also: ex-Asyutas, ex-Carnis Vale, ex-Maltross, City Hunter, Goon, Law of the Night, Already Dead (live), Cadaver Dog (live), Life Support (live), Veil II (live), ex-Broadcast Channel, ex-Chain's Gang, ex-Civilized, ex-Culture Shock, ex-His Throne, ex-Kowabunga! Kid, ex-Nectar, ex-Need, ex-Nilbog, ex-Polypsis, ex-Easter (live), ex-Horrible Things (live), ex-Tollund Men (live)
JT Guitars, Organ
JW Vocals
See also: Calvary, Death Cult Suicide, Grinning Death's Head, Veil of Shadow, ex-Crooked Cross, ex-Draiothe, ex-Voltur, Acid Bath Vampire, Black Church, Branks, Dead Skin Mask, God Is Black, Graveyard Wanderers, Masks of Canaan, Order of Nine Angels, Strega, Swastika Crucifix, Trampling the Cross Under Foot, Zombie Messiah, 性交
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