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Forced Entry

Country of origin:
United States
Seattle, Washington
Formed in:
Thrash Metal (early); Groove Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:
Politics, Society, Insanity, Humor, Corruption, Life and Death, Pain, Angst
Last label:
Morning Wood
Years active:
1983-1986 (as Critical Condition), 1986-1995, 2002
Forced Entry got its earliest start perhaps as early as 1983 when Tony Benjamins and Brad Hull formed a local band called Critical Condition. The band was without a drummer until 1984, when they hired Colin Mattson. Critical Condition suddenly changed their name to Forced Entry in 1986.

The band officially split-up around 1995 without any official releases since the early '90s. That same year ...
Colin Mattson Drums (1986-1995, 2002)
See also: ex-Critical Condition
Brad Hull Guitars, Vocals (1986-1995, 2002)
See also: ex-Sanctuary, ex-L.S. Diablo, ex-Blistered Earth, ex-Critical Condition, ex-Sac Lunch, ex-Soblivios, ex-THUG
Tony Benjamins Vocals, Bass (1986-1995, 2002)
See also: ex-Critical Condition
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