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Flammis Maledictis

Country of origin:
Valdivia, Los Ríos
Changed name
Formed in:
Raw Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Lyrical themes:
Occultism, Gnosticism, Sorcery, Darkness, Satanism
Last label:
Mahamvantara Arts
Years active:
2008-2011, 2011-present (as Pyreficativm)
Allegedly changed name to Pyreficativm after recording the three demos.

Belongs to the Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague circle (now as Pyreficativm) with 13th Temple (ex-Evighetens), Funeral Fullmoon, Gryftigæn, Mantiel, Majestic Terror, Old Castles, Wampyric Rites and Winterstorm.
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