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Farewell My Angel

Country of origin:
United States
Miami, Florida
Formed in:
Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Armageddon, Hate, War
Last label:
Audiovirus Records
Years active:
Farewell My Angel broke up in mid 2006. The band's myspace is still running to help Nick Reyes promote his new band, Audiose.
Nick Reyes Vocals (2002-2005)
See also: Inferion, Ruin, ex-Shattered Sunrise, ex-Dia de los Muertos
Juan Santiago Bass (2003-2005)
See also: ex-Inferion
Kevin Gallagher Drums (2003-2005)
See also: ex-Shattered Sunrise, Hate Machine (USA)
Heaven Ablaze Guitars (2004-2005)
See also: ex-Heaven Ablaze, ex-Inferion
Jimmy Quick Guitars (2004-2005)
See also: Hate Machine (USA)
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