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Fall of Because - Photo

Fall of Because

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Changed name
Formed in:
Experimental Industrial Metal
Lyrical themes:
Hatred, Society
Last label:
Years active:
1982-1983 (as O.P.D.), 1983-1988, 1988-2002 (as Godflesh), 2010-present (as Godflesh)
From left-to-right: Justin K. Broadrick, Ben GC Green, Paul Neville.

The band members later moved on with Fall of Because under the new name Godflesh circa 1988. The band supposedly broke up but Godflesh is a continuation of what Fall of Because was.

The band derived its name from the Killing Joke song "The Fall of Because". The band was briefly known as OPD (Officially Pronounced Dead) ...
G.C. Green Bass
See also: Godflesh, Vitriol, ex-Fruitkake
Justin Broadrick Vocals, Drums
See also: Godflesh, Jesu, Council Estate Electronics, Final, Greymachine, JK Flesh, Pale Sketcher, The Blood of Heroes, White Static Demon, Zonal, ex-Napalm Death, ex-Sunn O))) (live), ex-Deathless, ex-Curse of the Golden Vampire, ex-Fruitkake, ex-God, ex-Head of David, ex-Hydrus, ex-Ice, ex-Justin Broadrick, ex-Krackhead, ex-Love's Holiday Orchestra, ex-Smear Campaign, ex-Solaris / Solaris BC, ex-Sweet Tooth, ex-Tech Level 2, ex-Techno Animal, ex-The Blakk Korridor, ex-The Sidewinder, ex-White Viper, ex-Youpho
Paul Neville Vocals, Guitars, Programming
See also: ex-Godflesh, ex-AKA, ex-Cable Regime
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