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Faith and Fire

Country of origin:
United States
New York City, New York
Formed in:
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Life, Violence, Fantasy
Last label:
Metal Heaven
Years active:
On band photo from left to right: Mike Flyntz, Danny Miranda, John Miceli, Tony Moore.
Danny Miranda Bass, Keyboards (2002-?)
See also: Blue Öyster Cult, ex-Queen + Paul Rogers (live)
John Micelli Drums (2002-?)
See also: Meat Loaf, ex-Rainbow, ex-Blue Öyster Cult, ex-Marchello, ex-The Good Rats
Mike Flyntz Guitars (2002-?)
See also: Riot V
Tony Moore Vocals (2002-?)
See also: Big Muff π, Immortal Soul, ex-Riot V
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