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Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
Changed name
Formed in:
Sludge/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
?-1993, 1993-1994 (as Shovel), 1994-1998 (as Sloth), 1998 (as Pandemonium Diabolico), 1998-present (as Sloth)
Exploder later became Sloth and Saints of Pain.

A new version of "Blister" later appeared on the Sloth demo "Poverty Level Gutter Swill", a new version of "Loaded" appeared on the Sloth demos "Basement Tape" (the very first Sloth recording, "Loaded" listed under the name "Drunk") and "E. Pluribus Interruptus" and the original Exploder version of "Iron Larry Hogue" later appeared on the Sloth ...
"Nordic" Dave McDoogle Bass (1992-?)
See also: ex-Sloth
Craig Rowe Drums (1992-1993)
See also: ex-Saints of Pain, ex-Choke, ex-Hemdale, ex-Sloth
Dom Kaveliski Guitars, Vocals (1992-1993)
See also: Sloth, ex-Saints of Pain, ex-King Travolta, ex-Shovel
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