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Country of origin:
Buenos Aires
Formed in:
Heavy/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Social Denounce, Society, Corruption
Last label:
Years active:
This band was formed by the same line-up that recorded Horcas first album, Reinará la tempestad, minus guitarist Osvaldo Civile, who passed away in April 1999. Guitarist Oscar Castro did not record on that album, but joined a couple of months after it was released. Horcas continued after Osvaldo Civile loss, so currently there is no original member in Horcas.

In 2012 the same line-up of ...
Eddie Walker Bass (2000-?)
See also: Lethal, ex-Razones Concientes, Reinará Tempestad, ex-Horcas, ex-Tano Romano, ex-Malón (live), ex-Motor V, ex-Rabia (live), ex-Doomsday
Gabriel "Ganzo" González Drums (2000-?)
See also: ex-Rabia,, Hugo, Reinará Tempestad, ex-El Dragon, ex-Horcas, ex-Hachas, ex-Murdock, ex-Razones Concientes
Oscar Castro Guitars (2000-?)
See also: ex-Bizarro, ex-Legión, Reinará Tempestad, ex-Azeroth, ex-Horcas, ex-Lethal, ex-Morwen, ex-Rabia (live)
Hugo Benítez Vocals (2000-?)
See also: ex-Rabia, ex-Metralla, Hugo, Reinará la Tempestad, ex-Bloke, ex-Horcas, ex-Legión, ex-Letal, ex-Hachas
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