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Ewige Schlangenkraft

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Formed in:
Black Metal/Punk
Lyrical themes:
Enlightenment, Death, Mysticism
Current label:
Negate Everything
Years active:
Belonged to the Yamabushi Collective along with Bahuchara, Cease to Exist, Cthulhu Youth, Ewige Schlangenkraft, Evangelic tha Slick, Foot Powder, Gevurah, Gnostic Front, Gormless, Klux, Monlam Chenmo, Mr Bradly-Mr Martin, Nembutal, NHGH, Nowt, Ohrmuzd 3, Prison Shower, Procrastinator, Sesso Violento, Smart Casual, Swastikas on Parade, (The) Troglodytes, The Lightning Dudes, Turbo Chong, Ungrund ...
NHGH Drums, Vocals
See also: Cease to Exist, Gevurah, Sesso Violento, The Numinous Way, ex-Gormless, ex-Ungrund, (The) Troglodytes, Cthulhu Youth, Foot Powder, Klux, NHGH, Nowt, Procrastinator, Realities of War, Turbo Chong, Unloved, ex-Flyblown, ex-Swastikas on Parade, ex-The Deathskulls
FZADASTI Vocals, Guitars
See also: Sesso Violento, ex-Gormless, ex-Ungrund
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