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Evilized - Photo


Country of origin:
Racibórz, Silesia
Formed in:
Gothic/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Darkness, Evil, Dreams
Last label:
Carrion Records
Years active:
1991-1992 (as Obsessed Mord), 1992-?
Formerly known as Obsessed Mord, the band changed its name to Evilized in April 1992 when their bassist Hetman was recruited by the army, and also went a doom metal direction.

In summer, the band entered the ARP Studio to record their first demo under the new name, but it wasn’t until January 1994 that they recorded their first album Walking in the Fog at the Beat Studio in Katowice – released ...
Suizarr Keyboards
Manian Guitars (1991-?)
See also: ex-Obsessed Mord
Adam "de Sye" Kowalczyk Vocals (lead), Drums (1991-?)
See also: ex-Obsessed Mord, ex-Arkona
Tom Guitars (1992-?)
See also: ex-Obsessed Mord
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