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Esprit Dérangé

Country of origin:
Québec, Canada / Buffalo, New York, USA
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Horror Stories, Serial Killers, Insanity
Current label:
Years active:
"Esprit Derangé" means "deranged mind" in French.

Compilation Appearances:
- "Devil Pig" on V/A - Sacrifice At The Altar Of The Satanic Blood Angel: Tribute To Von (Rusty Axe Records, 2008)
- "Démence" on V/A - Under the Axe Volume 4 (Rusty Axe Records, 2008)
KJ Genocide All instruments (2005-present)
A.O.S Heirdrain Vocals, Lyrics (2005-present)
See also: Døth, Ellipsism, Haine Eternelle, Hate Spring, Heirdrain, Kanilsfoltar, Morietur, Obliterhate, Starvation, Subjugate, ex-Bloody Wrath, ex-Decadência Fúnebre, ex-Divine Darkness, ex-Dunguaire, ex-Icon of Sin, ex-Moribond, ex-Sitvartes, ex-StarBlood, ex-Transitus Mortalis, ex-Ultra Nova, ex-Dark Light, Black Entity, Black Impurity, Noosefiller, ex-Swarn, ex-Cursed to Eternity, ex-Flamme Noire, ex-Gollgotha, ex-Hécatombe Humaine, ex-Krähe, ex-Sche'ôl
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