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Country of origin:
Athens, Attica
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Blasphemy, Hatred, Solitude, Desolation
Current label:
Temple of Darkness Records
Years active:
In Mesopotamian mythology, Ereshkigal ("great lady under earth") was the goddess of Irkalla, the land of the dead or underworld.

The roots of the band began in 1988 with five members. A couple of years passed and the gathering gradually shaped itself into a project that adopted the name Flegethon, inspired by the legacy and myths of ancient Greece. The first product was a low budget demo that ...
Rotten Flesh Bass
See also: ex-Flegethon, ex-Grinding Disgust
Pinhead Drums
See also: ex-Flegethon
Nigel Foxxe Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Nigel Foxxe's Inc., ex-Thanatos Inc., ex-Flames, ex-Kinetic (live), ex-Imaginery, ex-Vomit, ex-Vagdan's Brain
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