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Country of origin:
United States
Hamden, Connecticut
Formed in:
Heavy/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Sumerian mythology
Last label:
Years active:
The band was suspended indefinitely in order for Phil Swanson to concentrate on Upwards of Endtime, Seamount, and Hour of 13.

The 2007 "Earthmission" demo was never released.
Fred Melillo Bass
See also: Legend, ex-Mercenary, Frack, Naked Thursday, No Cheez Orchestra, Styrocultural Antidote, ex-Edge
Simon Tuozzoli Bass
See also: B.C:A.D., Murder Castle, Owl Maker, Vestal Claret, ex-Cryptomeria, King of Salem, ex-Guerra, ex-Bestial Clitoris
Mootz Drums
Bill Ladley Guitars
See also: ex-Upwards of Endtime
Phil Swanson Vocals
See also: B.C:A.D., Lords of Triumph, Seamount, Sumerlands, Vestal Claret, Briton Rites, ex-Upwards of Endtime, ex-Lepus, ex-Atlantean Kodex, ex-Hour of Thirteen, ex-Nightbitch, ex-Blastmat, ex-Damnation (USA), ex-KYD, ex-Loathe, ex-Sanity Assassins (live)
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